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Are you interested in being able to watch TV online without restrictions? American TV, French TV, UK TV or any other channels from countries around the world? In this category we provide you with information on how you can securely enjoy watching online television from around the globe on your computer or multimedia tablet with the help of a VPN.

How to Get a Spanish IP Address

watch spanish tv

Spain is a popular tourist destination due to its interesting culture and rich history. Spanish is also one of the main languages of the world. It addition to being spoken by 46 million people in Spain, it is also spoken by more than 400 million people in the Americas (North and South). As a result of this, the demand for ... Read More »

Best Hulu VPN


Do you live in a country like China where there are heavy restrictions enforced on your Internet access? If so streaming online programming from sites like Hulu may be impossible for you. Maybe you don’t live in a geo-restricted country at all, but merely wish to be able to access Hulu from your computer at work or school without the ... Read More »

How to unblock and watch movie on Hulu outside of America?


Hulu is the leading legal movie streaming website in America. On Hulu you can find a lot of interesting comedy such as The Simpsons, Family Guy and so on … As you can see in the below screenshot For people living and residing in the USA, Hulu is perfectly accessible.  However, as soon as you try to connect from any ... Read More »

Watch American TV from outside of the US

American TV

You might be living outside of USA or traveling outside of the US and wondering how you could access to all the interesting tv shows / drama / comedy / sports events and so on that has to offer american TV ! As you probably experienced, it is impossible to watch online american channel abroad as most of the majors and most interesting channel ... Read More »

Watch the BBC iPlayer in Germany


Most major television networks in the US and the UK have an on-demand service of some kind. In the case of BBC, that service is the BBC iPlayer. The iPlayer allows viewers to enjoy live BBC programming online or to watch any of the programmes that have aired within the past seven days. However if you are in Germany, you ... Read More »

How to watch french tv online on the iPad?


Are you a French citizen working abroad or living abroad? Would you like to learn French, or just enjoy what has to offer French television on your Apple iPad 1 / iPad 2 or iPad 3? Luckily, most of French Tv Channel offers an iPad application that will allow you to stream online French Tv. However, you have to know ... Read More »

How to Watch TF1 Online for Free from Outside of France


Originally established in 1975 and privatized in 1987, TF1 is the first and oldest television station in France. TF1 stands for Television Francaise 1. The station is currently available on DTT, cable, and satellite digital on CanalSat, Canal+ and analog. TF1 also broadcasts on television and xDSL Internet via its website. In terms of payroll and hearings, TF1 surpasses the ... Read More »

How You Can Access 4oD from Outside the UK


Originally launched back in 1982, Channel 4 is a British public service television channel that is viewable both on-air and online. Like the BBC, Channel 4 has a number of affiliate channels: More4 – shows programs such as HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Sopranos, as well as NBC’s The West Wing. Film4 – Is dedicated to screening films. Currently ... Read More »

Watch the BBC Online in Spain by Unblocking the BBC iPlayer

  The BBC iPlayer is a video on demand (VOD) service from the British Broadcasting Corporation. Using the BBC iPlayer allows you to watch programs from across the BBC’s various television networks while you are online. The iPlayer streams a total of ten stations, including BBC One through Four, the BBC News Channel and BBC HD. As of February 2011, ... Read More »

Video Streaming Websites – The Full List

Nowadays many of us are looking for on demand exclusive video content. We have compiled a comprehensive list of what’s available below, in which you’ll find absolutely everything you want from movies and documentaries to live sports, news, information and more. Also some features on these websites may be blocked if you are not located in America. To bypass these restrictions, ... Read More »

How to watch Italian Tv abroad?

Are you an Italian expatriate or someone that would love to enjoy the many interesting tv shows that has to offers Italian Channels? Rai Uno RAI Due RAI Tre RAI Sport Italia Uno Canale 5 Rai Sport Sport Italia …   Those are some of the most popular channels back in Italia. Many of you are wondering how could you ... Read More »

How to unblock Zattoo web tv?

Zattoo is a web television that has been founded in America by a team of the university of Michigan. It is currently available on the following support Computer iPhone 1 iPhone 2 iPhone 3 iPhone 4 iPhone 5 iPod Touch iPad 1 iPad 2 iPad 3 Zattoo is compliant with many operating systems including the one we mention below [success]Windows ... Read More »

How to watch the BBC outside of the UK?

BBC iPlayer BBC is offering thousand of amazing and popular programs through their online TV iPlayer. However you might be located outside of UK and not be able to stream this amazing content in TV quality as their iPlayer restrict the content to people connecting from UK. How to unblock BBC iPlayer? If you are located outside of the UK ... Read More »

How to watch movie on Netflix outside of the US?

You are maybe traveling outside of the US for some vacation, business trip or visiting family abroad. You are also maybe an expatriate or living outside of America and you would like to enjoy the largest movie / drama / comedy choice that has to offer the American online TV Netflix. Netflix offers a very large selection (15.000) of TV Show, Action movie, ... Read More »

How to get a French ip address outside of France?


You might be a French citizen living abroad or you would like to be able to access to the many website that restrict their access to people using a French Ip and connecting physically from France ? You might also want to use a French IP towatch online French tv while being abroad. The solution to get a French IP address and be detected ... Read More »

Watch French Tv online outside of France

Are you a French citizen living, working or travelling outside of France and would like to watch online French TV? Are you living abroad, speak french or would like to learn French, or just curious to watch French TV? You are then lucky cause nowadays most of the most interesting French TV Channel are offering streaming through their website.  However, ... Read More »

How to watch British tv outside of the UK?

You might be travelling abroad for business, visiting friends or being an expatriate working and living full time outside of UK. In this situation, most of you probably already experienced issues when trying to watch uk online tv abroad and wondering how could you watch British TV outside of UK. In the below example (screenshot), here is the message you will get ... Read More »

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