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Watch the BBC iPlayer in Germany

Most major television networks in the US and the UK have an on-demand service of some kind. In the case of BBC, that service is the BBC iPlayer. The iPlayer allows viewers to enjoy live BBC programming online or to watch any of the programmes that have aired within the past seven days.

However if you are in Germany, you will not be able to access the iPlayer. Germany, like many countries around the world, is blocked from BBC’s on-demand service. This is due to licensing issues. But the unfortunate downside is that any user with a German IP address will be blocked from accessing the iPlayer.

The good news is that there is a way to circumvent these restrictions and access the BBC iPlayer while in Germany.

Accessing BBC From Germany

In order to gain access to the BBC iPlayer, you must appear as if you are a British user. To do that, you need a British IP address. To get a British IP address you’ll need a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

VPNs are private networks that maintain servers in different countries around the world. Using a VPN enables you to make use of public Wi-Fi networks to access remote networks in other countries. This is accomplished by the creation of an encrypted data tunnel through which you can penetrate firewalls and tap into other networks. Often VPNs will assign you an IP address that makes it appear as if you are in a foreign country. By having a British IP address assigned to you, you’ll be able to access the BBC iPlayer as easily as if you were sitting in an Internet cafe in London or Liverpool.

While you are using a VPN and a remote IP address, your own Internet activities will remain anonymous and secure.

Best VPNs for Watching BBC iPlayer in Germany

If you’re looking for a VPN with which to watch the BBC iPlayer from Germany, make sure you find one that maintains servers in the UK. Beyond that, other qualities you should look for in a VPN include speed of network, reliability, and a secure level of encryption.

Access the BBC iPlayer with Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass (HMA VPN) is a highly-recommendable VPN service that will enable you to watch the BBC iPlayer from Germany. HMA maintains servers in the UK and in 50 other countries around the world. This gives it available gateway that is about as broad as any you will find on the market. HMA is also fast, secure, and reliable.

Get Hidemyass VPN to watch BBC Iplayer



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