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Hidemyass Review – Best VPN


HideMyAss also known as HMA Pro VPN – was established in 2005 by a team of Internet security experts in the UK. HMA’s stated objective is to provide its users with the best VPN service on the market, allowing them to surf the web anonymously and securely. We at VPNMAG.com tested HMA’s service to see how close they come to achieving that goal. The results indicate ... Read More »

IPVanish VPN Review


Having only been founded in March of 2012, IPVanish is a relatively new contender on the VPN market. However to call IPVanish a newcomer to the industry would be something of a misnomer. But in an industry that’s barely over a decade old, IPVanish’s history ranks its team among the most experienced providers of VPN services. The individuals behind the ... Read More »

Private Internet Access Vpn Review


Private Internet Access™ was created on August 10, 2010 by the same developers who also created Mt. Gox Live and Mt. Gox Mobile of the Bitcoin world. With a true passion for privacy and anonymity, Private Internet Access™ was created to fill the role of a truly anonymous VPN service which did not exist until Private Internet Access™ was launched. ... Read More »

Review of Hide.Me VPN Service

hideme vpn review

Summary: Hide.Me offers safe, secure and fast VPN service.  Hide.Me Service Summary Hide.Me VPN software and service was developed by a group of IT professionals with experience in building vast and secure corporate and governmental infrastructures. This international team came together due to their mutual belief that everyone should have the right to privacy when they are online. They combined ... Read More »



VPN4ALL is a leader in virtual private network technology that encrypts all of your Internet traffic/data from the moment it leaves your computer until it arrives at your requested destination. VPN4ALL functions as a safeguarded pass-through for all user Internet traffic, providing complete online anonymity and privacy, by way of the VPN’s secure servers and gateways. Adding a secure layer ... Read More »

Black Logic VPN Review

images (1)

Blacklogic is the only logic choice if you want to bypass censorship and break  through firewalls. Blacklogic is a premier VPN service provider in Canada, it provides privacy and security for its customers. Without compromising your identity visit your favorite websites. Blacklogic gives you a seven day money back guarantee to its customers so that they can enjoy Internet freely. ... Read More »

How to Get a Canadian IP Address?

canada flag

There are a several reasons you may want to get a Canadian IP address but for most people, the main reason is a need to access content only available in Canada. There are several websites in Canada that restrict content to a local audience. It is actually much easier to get a Canadian IP than you think. The best way ... Read More »

IPVanish Helps Accelerate Your Online Gaming Performance

Did you know that besides protecting your online identity and data, IPVanish could also help boost the speed of your online gaming experience? By obtaining a faster and better connection than your opponents, you’ll have a competitive edge over your competition.IPVanish’s robust network architecture and peering arrangements makes it possible to achieve superior speed allowing for very low latency or ... Read More »

How to Get a Spanish IP Address

watch spanish tv

Spain is a popular tourist destination due to its interesting culture and rich history. Spanish is also one of the main languages of the world. It addition to being spoken by 46 million people in Spain, it is also spoken by more than 400 million people in the Americas (North and South). As a result of this, the demand for ... Read More »

VPN for Germany

german flag

If you live outside Germany, accessing some services can prove difficult. This is because there are several websites that you can’t access unless you are connecting through a German IP address. A good example is a large majority of news and video sites located in Germany. So what do you do? Do not fret, this is exactly the reason Virtual ... Read More »

How to Beat the Great Firewall of China

great firewall of china

The Great Wall of China is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the best known physical features of the People’s Republic of China. Lesser known but perhaps more important is the Great Firewall of China. Officially referred to as The Golden Shield Project, it is a Chinese government project to censor the Internet. In addition to censorship, it ... Read More »

VPN for Pakistan


Do you live in Pakistan? Have you been searching for a VPN provider?  Search no more, VPNmag.com answers all your questions below as well as offers some useful insights. Virtual Private Network in Pakistan Pakistan is a large country with millions of Internet users. It is quite unfortunate that authorities have a policy of Internet censorship. In a bid to ... Read More »

Privacy Laws have failed to Keep Pace with Technology

NSA snooping

Since former CIA agent Edward Snowden outed the National Security Agency (NSA) in June 2013, there has been a general uneasiness regarding Internet privacy. This apprehension is merited since it is quite clear that the US Government is hell-bent on monitoring the world using mass monitoring methods. Frequent Internet users around the world have good cause for worry. The Human ... Read More »

Can the NSA Spy on VPN Traffic?


Over the last few weeks, the Internet has been buzzing with news of how the NSA has been spying on US citizens as well as other countries and nations around the world. Following the leakage of NSA’s snooping activities by former CIA agent, Edward Snowden, it has become quite evident that taking extra security precautions is of paramount importance. A ... Read More »

VPN for Turkey


If you live or work in Turkey, then you definitely require a VPN service. This article provides you with insightful information on the best VPN for Turkey. Why do you need a VPN service for Turkey Anyone who lives or has worked in Turkey for some time will undoubtedly be aware that the Turkish government is notorious at Internet censorship ... Read More »

We are Sorry but you are Not Authorized to Access this Website/URL

403 forbidden 2

The above browser message is technically referred to as a 403 Forbidden error. There are several reasons you may encounter such an error, these include: URL errors – you may have typed in the wrong URL address. Check the URL for accuracy and try accessing the website again. Issues with your browser cache – it is possible that you may ... Read More »

Launch of the new HideMyAss Pro VPN iOS App

hma pro vpn ios app

It is our pleasure to announce the launch of a new brand new HideMyAss Pro VPN iOS App. iOS users can now access HMA Pro VPN on their iPhones and iPads. The new service streamlines the VPN configuration and makes it easy for iPhone/iPad users to use on their devices. The arrival of the app can only be described as ... Read More »

VPN for Nigeria


If you live in Nigeria and have been searching for a VPN provider, then you have come to the right place. Your search ends here. Virtual Private Network in Nigeria Nigeria is a great country with a large population of Internet users. Unfortunately, accessing sites like Twitter, Netflix, Hulu and other sites is a real problem in Nigeria. Many websites ... Read More »

The Most Common Questions About Using a VPN Answered by IPVanish

With all of the varied information out there regarding a Virtual Private Network (VPN) the topic can be daunting. Especially if you are unfamiliar with what a VPN does and why you should use one. Simply stated, a VPN protects your online identity and data by putting you in control of your IP address. Once you are connected to an ... Read More »

What a VPN Does, How it Works and the Benefits of Using One

A VPN secures your connection and puts you in control of your IP address which in turn: Protects your Online Identity and Data Blocks Unwanted Marketing Keeps you Safe at Wi-Fi Hotspots Provides a Virtual Firewall Shields your Company from Cyber Crime Allows you to Keep the Same Internet Services you Have at Home While Traveling How Does a VPN ... Read More »

U.S. Government Demand Master Encryption Keys from Internet Companies

Whether or not the NSA or FBI has the legal right to acquire master encryption keys from Internet providers, they continue to request them. In order to protect their users web communications, Internet companies use encryption keys. Web encryption uses a technique called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer.) A source that represents a large unnamed Internet company told CNET News that so ... Read More »

Canada VPN

canada vpn

The Internet has grown tremendously over the past 10 years or so. The online world offers an abundance of possibilities and people all over the world are embracing these changes with open arms. Unfortunately, the world is full of limitations in regards to the Internet and Canadian residents would love to maintain their online freedom as they travel the world. ... Read More »

Denmark VPN


Normal Internet connections can often prove to be frustrating, especially if you live in a country that has a lot of online censorship. Denmark is a country that has been scrutinized by these issues and that are speculations of introducing and online tracking or hacking. Keep in mind that every IP address can provide a risk of some degree. This ... Read More »

France VPN


Considering that cyber hacking is as prominent as it’s ever been, it is no wonder why countries around the world are tightening up their Internet security. As a result, a lot of their websites are inaccessible to residents. And this can be quite frustrating, especially for foreigners who would like to stay up-to-date with their favorite online shows. If you’re ... Read More »

Free VPN for Android


Are you searching for a free VPN network for your Android device? If so then there are a variety of VPN apps that can be used to help you access blocked websites as well as increase your online anonymity. Since Android devices are becoming incredibly popular, individuals are becoming aware and wanting to protect themselves from online hackers or identify ... Read More »

Importance of Internet Security – The Role of VPNs


Ever since the mid-1990s, the growth and explosion of the Internet has never been so extensive. Unfortunately, data mining and online hacking have become quite prominent as well. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why VPNs like HideMyAss are being used by more and more online users. In the following sections, we’ll learn more about the role of ... Read More »

7 Truths about VPN4ALL


There are many VPN brands that have come and gone, especially in the past few years. HideMyAss has been quite popular and developed strong recognition among citizens all around the world. In the following sections, we are going to talk about 7 truths associated with another VPN service, VPN4ALL. Truth #1: Largest VPN Network Online VPN4ALL expands more than 20 ... Read More »

Best German IP VPN


In Germany, Internet access is extremely important. However, this is a country that can place a lot of restrictions on websites and opening them can be a hassle. Whether you are located in the United States or the UK, you’ll likely be faced with online censorship at some point during your online viewing experience. And Germany isn’t any different. Perhaps ... Read More »

Brazil VPN


In recent years, Brazil has been a country that has been experiencing more and more online censorship. This is unfortunate considering that millions of people flock to this country each year to vacation and relax. HideMyAss is a VPN service that can provide both locals and foreigners with the ability to browse through the web without having to worry about ... Read More »

China VPN


China is a country that, for a long time, was cut off from the remainder of the world. It wasn’t until the 1970s that they opened up their boarders for foreigners. Today, they sit as the 2nd largest economy on the planet and are showing no signs of slowing down. Unfortunately, China is a country that has a lot of ... Read More »

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