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We are Sorry but you are Not Authorized to Access this Website/URL

The above browser message is technically referred to as a 403 Forbidden error. There are several reasons you may encounter such an error, these include:

  1. URL errors – you may have typed in the wrong URL address. Check the URL for accuracy and try accessing the website again.
  2. Issues with your browser cache – it is possible that you may be trying to view a cached version of the page and hence getting the 403 Forbidden error. Go to your browser settings, clear the cache and retry.
  3. Log into the website – you may trying to view a page on a website that requires you to log in first.
  4. Issues with your browser’s cookies – there may be a problem with your browsers cookies. Go to your browser settings, clear the cookies and retry.
  5. Website error – the website may have an internal error in which case everyone else is also seeing the same 403 error. In such a situation, there isn’t much you can do though you could try and perform a WHOIS search and contact the website owner directly.
  6. Your ISP or government has blocked the site – if you try all the above solutions and you still get the message, “we are sorry but you are not authorized to access this website/url” then you have a pretty good reason to suspect that your ISP or government is up to no good.

It is not uncommon for oppressive governments and regimes around the world to block access to certain websites. For example, during the Arab Spring in 2012, many governments in the Middle East blocked social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The motive behind such nefarious actions is to prevent the local populace

403 forbidden

from interacting with the rest of the world.

So what do you do if you find that your ISP has blocked you from accessing specific websites? This is where VPN or proxy servers come in handy. Using a virtual private network service, you can access any website that has been restricted locally. To access a restricted website in your country, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Perform an Internet search using the search terms “free proxy”.
  2. Try and access several free proxies to find one that is accessible via your Internet Service Provider.
  3. Once you find a free proxy website that works, come back to VPNMag.com while still on the free proxy and visit our page of VPN products. Read our reviews to find a product of your choice and head over to the product site to download a free trial.
  4. Enjoy hassle-free, anonymous surfing from wherever in the world you may be located.

Take note that governments that like to infringe on your freedom of expression will constantly be on the lookout for free proxy websites to add onto their list of restricted websites. This is the reason we recommend you get a professional VPN product like HideMyAss Pro VPN and permanently guarantee your freedom of expression.

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