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Privacy Laws have failed to Keep Pace with Technology

Since former CIA agent Edward Snowden outed the National Security Agency (NSA) in June 2013, there has been a prismgeneral uneasiness regarding Internet privacy. This apprehension is merited since it is quite clear that the US Government is hell-bent on monitoring the world using mass monitoring methods. Frequent Internet users around the world have good cause for worry.

The Human Rights Watch notes that the principal reason governments want to intrude into people’s lives is that laws have not kept up with technology. Privacy laws in most countries are archaic; there is a general failure by governments around the world to update private laws and safeguard the interests of Internet users. There is a suspicion, and with good reason, that most governments fear updating privacy laws because that would mean risking the potential of the Internet. In short, governments are afraid of the political implications of more informed societies.

Technology is part and parcel of everyday life. Today we use cell phones, computers, tablets and other mobile devices to; communicate, socialize, pay bills, bank, invest and a host of other activities. The fact that you decide to take advantage of technology does not translate to a blank check for the government to monitor and snoop on your life.

Changing the laws is one way to remedy the current situation but this is obviously going to be a protracted legal process that will take time. Luckily, there are numerous non-governmental groups and lobbies that are working around the clock to protect civil liberties.

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