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How to Use and Configure a VPN on an Android Tablet

Although the Apple iPad still dominates the tabloid computer market, there are a growing number of Android based alternatives that are in competition to become the most viable option to Apple’s popular pioneering tablet. The Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, and Asus Transformer Pad were all identified by CNET.com as the “best Android tablets.”With evermore viable alternatives to the iPad being developed all the time, there is increasing interest in how to use a VPN on an Android tablet.

VPNs for Tablet Computers

There are many. many reasons for wanting to use a VPN on an Android tablet or any other tablet computer. Tablets are one of the most portable assets in our digital life. They allow us to work and communicate easily from practically anywhere. However all of that communication on public Wi-Fi bandwidth can make us vulnerable. Sensitive business or personal communications can easily be compromised on open networks.

Hackers and identity thieves love to prey on unsuspecting net users. Just going about your everyday business on your tablet computer can lead to you inadvertently compromising sensitive information like your address, phone number, or even banking data. Android tablets also tend to be more vulnerable to cyber-attacks than iPads.

Running a VPN on an Android tablet can keep your data safe and secure. With the securely encrypted tunnel you get when you install a VPN on an Android tablet you can transmit your data safely and anonymously across public Wi-Fi airwaves. VPNs make it safe and easy for you to communicate with your company’s intranet when you are traveling abroad.

By using a VPN on an Android tablet you can also penetrate firewalls, unblock georestricted sites, bypass web filters and watch streaming entertainment on sites like Hulu.

Configure a VPN on an Android Tablet

It’s very easy to configure a VPN on an Android tablet. To do so, just follow these simple instructions:

1. Select Home > Menu, and tap Settings

2. Select Wireless & networks item > VPN settings

3. Then click Add VPN

4. Select VPN type

5. Input your VPN account data: VPN name (choose one), VPN server address, your VPN login and password that you received via email from your VPN provider.

That’s all you need do to configure a VPN on an Android tablet.

Using a VPN on an Android Tablet

Once you’ve configured it, it’s even easier to use a VPN on an Android tablet. Just do the following when you wish to connect to the web with your VPN:

1. Select Home > Menu > Settings

2. Tap Wireles & networks

3. Tap VPN settings

4. The VPN connections you’ve added should be present in the list

5. Tap the VPN account you wish to connect to

6. Enter your credentials in the space provided

Once your VPN is up and running you’ll be able to enjoy doing all the things you normally do when you’re online with your Android tablet. However now your data will be protected. By having another IP address assigned to you and concealing your own, monitors and hackers will be unable to determine your actual location while you are on the go and using your tablet.

Best VPN on an Android Tablet

If you’re looking for a good, capable and versatile VPN to use on your Android tablet, we’d recommend Hide My Ass. Hidemyass, also known as HMA VPN is one of the most popular VPN services on the market. There are good reasons for this. It’s compatible with every major VPN protocol and operating system for starters. It’s also fast, reliable and provides a good level of secure encryption when you are connected to one of the hundreds of servers HMA maintains in over 50 countries around the world.

If you want to get started using a VPN on on Android tablet, click the link below to find out more about Hidemyass.

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