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Can the NSA Spy on VPN Traffic?

Over the last few weeks, the Internet has been buzzing with news of how the NSA has been spying on US citizens as well as other countries and nations around the world. Following the leakage of NSA’s snooping activities by former CIA agent, Edward Snowden, it has become quite evident that taking extra security precautions is of paramount importance.

A VPN service improves online security and communications in the following key areas:

  • Security – it secures your data to what techies like to refer to as man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Privacy – through encryption, it protects your privacy from criminals trying to access your information
  • Protection – it protects against malware and malicious attacks
  • Accessibility – it allows you to access any web content no matter where you live

In light of Snowden’s revelations, the question now is whether the NSA has the capability to spy on VPN traffic. prismThe answer is not that clear cut. From a purely technical viewpoint, it is extremely difficult to compromise most secure VPN systems in real time. However, we mustn’t forget that we are talking about the NSA here, an extremely well-funded government organization with unparalleled technological capabilities. NSA has been known to work with software vendors to place ‘back doors’ in software applications. So there is always the chance that you may be using a VPN service that has pre-built back door. The NSA has also cracked several encryption technologies.

So, how do you protect your online privacy? Well, there is only way to go about it. Use a VPN service that has been tested by VPN experts for any flaws or back doors. A good example of such a service is HideMyAss VPN Pro. This will guarantee that your personal communications are not compromised.

However, at all times keep in mind that if you are actually the subject of an investigation, there isn’t much you can do… so be a good citizen of the world.

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